Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your services covered by my insurance plan?

Christian Reusche in Charleston is an out-of-network psychiatrist that provides psychotherapy.  If you have an out-of-network option with your insurance, you will get partial reimbursement.  Please inquire with your insurance to see if there is a deductible and what level or reimbursement is available.  Patients may be reimbursed 50-80% depending on the plan.  We provide a detailed invoice for you to submit to file with your insurance company.  Fees are due at the time of service.

What are your hours?

Our hours are generally flexible, and we can arrange an appointment within a few business days from your call.

What is covered in the first appointment?

The first appointment is 90 minutes. Our goal is to establish a connection, address your presenting problem, learn about you as an individual, assess your goals, and discuss a treatment plan. 

How long are appointments?

Psychotherapy appointments are generally 50 minutes and typically occur weekly to bi-weekly. Medication management appointments are 25-50 minutes and frequency is dependent on wellness.

Is there privacy?

Yes, privacy is of utmost importance.  Records can only be released by authorization of release from you, the designated guardian, or a court order from a judge.  

Why choose Christian Reusche, MD?

I value the integration of therapy and medical services.  While most psychiatrists do not practice regular psychotherapy, having a medical provider who loves both aspects allows for a more intimate and wholesome approach.